About Nada Murphy

Painting, Glass and Creative Communities.



LR_006_Nada Murphy Artwork 220203

An artist's life

"For as long as I can remember drawing and painting have been for me as living and breathing. Making visual documents of the many places I have visited has been an imperative, reflecting a connection to environment and an expression of the need to respect and conserve."

Nada’s practice has a foothold in the Australian landscape painting tradition. Her work includes mark making, glass and textiles utilized to consider how landscape discloses stories and reveals our indelible footprints. Each work asks us to consider how we might go more gently into the future.

Nada’s artistic career started early in life, with the study of Fine Arts at Melbourne University in the 1970’s. She went on to study painting, drawing and printmaking at Perth Technical College soon after completing her university study.  Her continuing professional development as an artist has been an ongoing commitment with selected training across media, research, collaborations, both ways learning and a continuing curiosity in the figurative. In addition, Nada’s studio practice has always had an inclusive focus that helps others build creative identities.

Nada’s glass practice commenced in 2014 and was quickly accepted into the glass making community of WA. This aspect of her work has developed as an investigative vehicle for vessels to compliment the stories bedded in landscape. Nada employs a range of techniques with kiln form glass including screen printing, pate de verre and making of glass inclusions to compliment the drawn and painted forms.

Nada’ s textile works have roots in her early life, run parallel to painting and glass in intent.  She uses embroidery, pattern, and yarn to express cultural connections.