About Nada Murphy

Painting, Glass and Creative Communities.


  • A human connection to land and natural phenomenon
  • Patterns & meditative qualities of natural space and form
  • Well being through creativity

An artist's life

For as long as I can remember drawing and painting have been for me as living and breathing. Making visual documents of the many places I have visited has been an imperative, reflecting a connection to environment and an expression of the need to respect and conserve.

The process of developing as an artist has been long and rewarding.

Establishing my studio space in 1999 was a major leap enabling not only a dedicated space but also a place for community. I have enjoyed the company of many artists and craftsmen and women who have shared time, creativity and music.

I have been fortunate to be able to concentrate on some of the landscape that has important connections, during my many visits to the Kimberley. Working within the framework of residencies also allowed me to build a better understanding of the community and the many layers of meanings the land holds for people. Wonderful exchanges with other artists meant both ways learning is very rewarding.

I introduced glass into my practice in 2014 and have since worked with kiln form glass and pate de verre.  Despite the challenge this medium presents the results are often simply magic.

In recent years I have focused on an important project about " The River"  looking closely at water, its use, care and history in the Wheatbelt and exploring how the River changes with the 6 Noongar seasons and considering how humanity leaves an indelible mark on the land.

I am keen to encourage others to develop their creativity. It is so intricately wedded to our well being.