NOW September 27 to 18 October

NOW this year’s Artsource group show of work by Western Australian Artist kicks off at 6.00 Pm Friday 27 Ocotober. OLD CUSTOMS HOUSE Phillimore St Freo
My contribution is Clear Blue,

Clear Blue 122x 60 cm Nada Murphy©
intended to lift the spirits and to keep us focused on clear blue waters. The work was inspired by my many visits to the Kimberely, although might remind you of all those times when you have visited the shoreline of our beautiful coast.
Come along and enjoy the show.
Continuing to 18 Ocotober
For more information:

Creative Place Creative Space

Location: Gallery 152 Avon Terrace York

Over the weekend we explore a range of ways for creating space for yourself, to experiment, sharing & exploring ways to extend creativity in your life.

Eco Dyes are a delightful medium that connect you to your environment. We will work with bush dyes, incorporate botanical prints, and other image making techniques.

Our special guest:
Rachel Meissner Botanist & skilled crafter will provides you with some of the steps needed to begin to understand the vast array of eucalypts that can be used in your work.

Your workshop leader:
Nada Murphy will guide you through the creative process and the print and dye adventure.

Suitable for artists, crafters and makers.
For more information: “Creative Place: Creative Space ” Nada Murphy 040003152
Includes materials and equipment
Accommodation Available for Early Birds:
Kookaburra Cottages on location
Very Reasonable Rates. Book Early

Wadjemup Spirit Place Across the Water

Wadjemup Spirit Place Across the Water Nada Murphy ©

It is my pleasure to be invited
Joining with more than 100 Western Australian artists
be a part of this special exhibition celebrating Rottnest,
Raising funds for The Rottnest Foundation
To conserve the Island’s unique value

A great opportunity to have your own work
And a make a very special contribution

Photo :
Wadjemup Spirit Place Across the Water.
Artist Nada Murphy ©

Rottnest Foundation Art Exhibition
The Essence of Rottnest
Opening May 10
11-12 and 15-19 May
from 10am to 4pm
Holmes a Court Gallery
10 Douglas Street
West Perth

Creative Workshop Program- March 2019


Enjoy working with your hands using time honoured simple coil method

When :Saturday 16 March 10 am to 3.00 pm

Where :10 Holland Street Wembley 

• This popular workshop will take you through the process of building coil baskets.
You will
• Construct a vessel using yarns, cord, rafia or recycled materials
• Explore creative applications of the cord technique
• Enjoy working with your hands using time honoured simple coil method
Price: $65 Includes light vegetarian lunch & refreshment
Materials included raffia, cord, yarns and basic equipment
Reserve your place now Bookings close Friday 8 March :


Working with nature's resources is so rewarding. Build your creative process with eco dye

When :Saturday 30 March 10 am to 3.00pm

Where: 10 Holland Street Wembley

• Explore the eco dye process
• Use an iron blanket
• Create a beautiful unique silk scarf
• Experiment with yarns and paper

Fee: $85 Includes Light Vegetarian Lunch
Materials supplied: pre-prepared bush dyes, scoured iron blankets, papers,
Eco materials, dye pots, steamer, microwave and other tools.

Additional silk and yarn available for sale

Places limited: Reserve your place now. Book by Friday 22 March



Wrapping Up in the Studio

2018 has been a very productive year.
We need to make way for another creative year in 2019
There are many lovely surpises on offer
And lots of works looking for a new home

We hope you can come along and enjoy the Wrap Up.
Saturday 15 & Sunday 16
10 am to 4.30
10 Holland Street
Check out the On Line Store

Creativity in the Pot

Materials we find in the natural world can bring something special to the creative process. Here the work uses the simplest cloth calico steeped in an iron bath then used with the silk and eucalyptus leaves to create something unique in the dye pot.

Our Dye Pot workshop was a perfect way to develop more skills whilst also connecting to our creative drive.

Another maker’s day in the studio. Thank you to those who found the time to come.


Magpies love them or hate them they are a very Australian Bird.

We had Magpies living harmoniously with us for years in the large tree on a neighbour’s property at the back of our place. The property sold and the new owners decided to cut the tree down.  The bird’s relocated to another tree across the front road. They were not very happy being kicked out of house and home.

My friend Irwin Lewis has a particular knack with the birds. Since Irwin now comes regularly to my studio to paint, the birds have been very friendly again. Magpies always make me think of Irwin.

This series of works are now available from our On line Shop

They Always Bring You Home

My contribution to the Royal Show this year is showing until 29th September in the The Salon des Refusés, The Salon new to the Royal Show Art prize was introduced this year due to the unprecedented number of works entered in the inaugural Perth Royal Art Prize and to showcase more artists.
The Painting:
They Always Bring you Home. Oil on Canvas 60 x 122

This is a stand of wheatbelt timber, we now know is precious and important for sustaining water quality and habitat. For me stands of trees like these have been a safe haven and have always signalled homecoming.

They always bring you home Oil on canvas 60x122 cm ©Nada Murphy
They always bring you home Oil on canvas 60×122

Copyright Nada Murphy © 2018
Photogragh. Stephen Wood.



There is something very special about coming home after being  on the road for a while.

Friday afternoons in my studio is time to put other things aside and spend time with some special women , all of whom enjoy the process of making.  This groups bring community right into the studio space.

Could you ask for more?

Well a  few have.

Time to start up the old tradition of a painting group in the studio.

Just for those who want to JUST PAINT 

Just paint to develop skills

Just paint to Express yourself

Just paint to create

Just paint to develop skills

Oils, acrylic or other water based paint

Monday 2-5

Commencing 16 July 2018

Where: Studio @ 10 Holland Street Wembley

To get involved or more information: Contact Nada or phone 0400031952

Each session, will allow for individualized input , demonstration and resource building.

Cost $30 with concessions available






Residency Wrap up & Exhibition.

5.30- 7.00 pm

29 June 2018

Beverley Station Arts

Vincent Street


I am half way through my third residency at Beverley Station Arts in this small Wheatbelt town just 150 km East of Perth.  My River Project dates from 2013 when I first visited here in late summer.

By the time I returned in 2016 I was able to walk in a dry river bed and at Yen Yenning lakes which also had very little water at the time.  Since then I have  read and researched, as well as visited many time to explore the idea of how the river changed across the seasons. I was particularly keen to learn more about the Noongar seasons and visited following this cycle.

I arrived with a lot of material to collate and wanted time to think through how my project ideas would ultimately be expressed. I already had a collection of more than 20 pieces to show, mostly paintings and a very substantial photographic record to organize.

My time so far has been divided between review & writing, the production of work and domestic tasks.  Walking and continuing to observe have also been essential task as this was mid winter and the river was in her winter phase.

There is a certain joy in hearing the river running and the smell of river water on the move and to see her fog bound some mornings.

It has also been a delight to yarn with folk. Over 5 years some great relationships have formed and I have enjoyed getting to know others.

The Residency will wrap up with a celebration of the work on Friday 29th June at 5.30- 7.00pm here at the Station.


Beverley Residency Special Offer

My winter residency has started. I am settled into the Beverley Station Arts once again.

Thank you Beverley for your warm winter welcome. The rain will replenish the river.

This is my third residency and I come this time to work on pulling together my River project and the work of the past  few years .  As part of the residency I have works on show which I am pleased to offer at special rates until the end on June . These are a selection of the River Series and this is an offer not to be missed.

You will find some of these exhibits on display in my on line shop