Busy November

Wow some months are full of action.
I was in Adelaide at the start of the month reporting on how the arts impacts on wellbeing, then hosted a special afternoon with Paula Silbert who asked a group of artists to focus on the “Gentle Art of speaking about your work and studio”. Fabulous.
I went on to see a number of exhibitions at Stala Comtemporary, Holmes a Court Gallery and Juniper Gallery, each demonstrating very effectively how well artists can collaborate with exhibitions and that art is very much alive and kicking in this city. Hope you can get out and support our local artists.
Alongside that exhibited in the Darlington Open, St Brigid’s College and sent a small 9×5 to Walker Street Gallery in Victoria for the annual 9×5 show.
Finally wrapped up November with “Making your Mark Workshop” in the studio.
The workshop brought a small group of artists together to explore how mark making can make a difference in their work, and tap into new creative potentials.

How much fun was that !

I am looking forward to bringing the new year in with some more interesting workshops.
Thank you everyone for your interest in the program for 2020. Watch this space.

In the mean time I am back in the studio and workshop building on my own creative process.

December is up one us.


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