Echoes of the River

 Looking out from the peak
Looking out from the peak

The artist explores the source of our river at the place where it emerges from the ground to reveal its ancient origins and the intersect with indelible human imprint echoing across seasons and time.

The works reflect on our history with water and our river country, asking the viewer to consider how we are making our own history.

Is the river a vital resource which can keep us to account:  a spiritual entity which carries ancient knowledge, or carry other meanings running through contemporary life?

LR_012A_Nada Murphy Artwork 220203
LR_012_Nada Murphy Artwork 220203
LR_010A_Nada Murphy Artwork 220203
LR_010_Nada Murphy Artwork 220203

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LR_016_Nada Murphy Artwork 220203
LR_022_Nada Murphy Artwork 220203
LR_026_Nada Murphy Artwork 220203
LR_031_Nada Murphy Artwork 220203
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