My Journey with the River

Artist’s Statement:

“There is always something to learn from country and from what a water course will reveal.  Growing up in a period of Australian history with a strong emphasis on European culture, for some time I found myself thinking of painting simply as a document that recorded a time in history, and my own work perhaps only my own journey across time. However, once I was on Western Australian soil my perspective began to change.  Early visits into the Pilbara landscape left me in awe of how our traditional peoples lived on this country and I started to ask “Who walked before me?“ .  This simple question opened a whole new chapter of learning.  I became very conscious that we used so few traditional names of places, spoke little to no traditional language and knew very little about the seasons of our traditional peoples.  The journey, observing how the country and river changed across the seasons began and the stories of people emerged.  The intent in my work of course shifted.  I hope you enjoy exploring with me and developing new understandings.  “

Quajabin_ Language in country 112 x 120