The Garden of Loss & Triump




Engulfs our dreams.

Lays bare,

Our lives with our vulnerability the undercurrent

Then the regrowth

In the charred landscape

Reminds us to walk together.

With respect

Nada Murphy © 2021

Regrowth & Respect

A work is included in a collaborative project

Collage with Rice paper painting print, ink, bush grasses on eco dyed linen 21 X 30 cm
I asked myself why did smoke enveloping Perth from the Wooraloo fires in February 2021 evoked strong memory from my childhood?
In my lifetime many fires have burnt across this continent often with loss of life and homes leaving an indelible mark with recovery sometimes slow despite resilience.
The work is constructed with a rice paper print from a small work in my collection, completed after the 2009 King Lake fires in Victoria, when friends lost their home and one of their dogs. Torn to represent the destruction of life and country and stitched to bring our place back together. Bush-dyes and bush grasses are used to connect with the county with respect.

The Project : ’The Garden of Loss and Triumph’

Before it finds its way into personal possession, linen’s value emerges from being laborious to manufacture, a process, which makes its natural fibres forever strong and absorbent. Following this birth, it’s ongoing presence is linked to the home: reminiscent of a mother’s linen cupboard, a grandmother’s linen chest, time and time again, lining the family’s beds, bathrooms, tables and windows.

Passed down through generations, the durable material traverses and embodies the memory of familial experience and emotion. Grief, trauma, loss, but also resilience, regrowth and triumph are profoundly personal, whilst communal in the universality of human experience.

The artist was provided with an A4-sized piece of linen/cotton fabric reclaimed from vintage tablecloths and remnants. The linen was the  be used as the foundation for an artwork that is an expression of the challenges, loss and grief we currently face in our everyday lives and also the triumphs, large and small that we create and experience along the way. The artwork was be completed in such a way that it can be joined to another piece of fabric for installation and potentially hung from a height. Completed artworks will be joined together to create an installation artwork – A communal expression of the current state of the world in which we live.