Exhibitions as a Story

The stories each exhibition tells reflect on the artists explorations on country investigating the discourse that the steps disloge with in paint and form Each collection becomes a dialogue in itself.

Major & Solo Exhibitions.

2020     Waiting for the Rain Accent Fine Art Gallery Wembley

2018     Beverley Station Gallery River Stories Beverley Western Australia

2017     Kidogo Art House Something Old, Something New Fremantle Western Australia

2016     McAlpine House. Kimberley Collection - Broome Western Australia

2016     Beverley Station Gallery How does the River Run? Beverley Western Australia

2015     Moon Room Studio Star Dust & Other Dreams Wembley Western Australia

2013     The void/le vide Short Street Gallery Peninsula Broome Western Australia

2013     Beverley Station Gallery: Into the Light Beverley Western Australia

2012     Broome Convention Centre Kimberley Experience Chinatown Broome Western Australia

2012     Gadfly Gallery: Listening to Country: Kimberley Experiences Perth Western Australia