Glass Plus

Salt Preserved

2016 Entry

Salt Preserved.

Pâte de Verre bowl on carved cedar stained stand.

The Yen Yenning Lakes are salt, fed by vast underground water systems and by rain when dry reveal salt preserved vegetation: mats of grasses and ghostly Mellaluca stands.  At risk of becoming a larger salt bowl as salination creeps into this country when storms wash top soil into the water sources unprotected by tress and river bank grasses.

The work: conceived in drawings, during the artist’s residency in the Wheatbelt, then interpreted with glass and timber support carved to remind of how the river runs.

2017 Entry :  Under Storey  Fused Glass lamp

Beneath a canopy of leaves
Light filters through
For the seeds within
For that moment
To emerge
From rock and stone.
Reminders of the primordial time
When our land
From the campfires
Of the universe.
lamp shade 5
Timber, Metal & Lighting : Bruce Denny
Photo  : Steve Wood

Glass + Exhibition  is run by the Glass Artist of WA . The inaugural exhibition was held in August 2016 to include many fine exhibits by Western Australian Glass Artists who accept the challenge of combining glass with some other material.