Creative Place Creative Space

Location: Gallery 152 Avon Terrace York

Over the weekend we explore a range of ways for creating space for yourself, to experiment, sharing & exploring ways to extend creativity in your life.

Eco Dyes are a delightful medium that connect you to your environment. We will work with bush dyes, incorporate botanical prints, and other image making techniques.

Our special guest:
Rachel Meissner Botanist & skilled crafter will provides you with some of the steps needed to begin to understand the vast array of eucalypts that can be used in your work.

Your workshop leader:
Nada Murphy will guide you through the creative process and the print and dye adventure.

Suitable for artists, crafters and makers.
For more information: “Creative Place: Creative Space ” Nada Murphy 040003152
Includes materials and equipment
Accommodation Available for Early Birds:
Kookaburra Cottages on location
Very Reasonable Rates. Book Early

Creativity in the Pot

Materials we find in the natural world can bring something special to the creative process. Here the work uses the simplest cloth calico steeped in an iron bath then used with the silk and eucalyptus leaves to create something unique in the dye pot.

Our Dye Pot workshop was a perfect way to develop more skills whilst also connecting to our creative drive.

Another maker’s day in the studio. Thank you to those who found the time to come.



There is something very special about coming home after being  on the road for a while.

Friday afternoons in my studio is time to put other things aside and spend time with some special women , all of whom enjoy the process of making.  This groups bring community right into the studio space.

Could you ask for more?

Well a  few have.

Time to start up the old tradition of a painting group in the studio.

Just for those who want to JUST PAINT 

Just paint to develop skills

Just paint to Express yourself

Just paint to create

Just paint to develop skills

Oils, acrylic or other water based paint

Monday 2-5

Commencing 16 July 2018

Where: Studio @ 10 Holland Street Wembley

To get involved or more information: Contact Nada or phone 0400031952

Each session, will allow for individualized input , demonstration and resource building.

Cost $30 with concessions available