Creative Workshop Program- March 2019


Enjoy working with your hands using time honoured simple coil method

When :Saturday 16 March 10 am to 3.00 pm

Where :10 Holland Street Wembley 

• This popular workshop will take you through the process of building coil baskets.
You will
• Construct a vessel using yarns, cord, rafia or recycled materials
• Explore creative applications of the cord technique
• Enjoy working with your hands using time honoured simple coil method
Price: $65 Includes light vegetarian lunch & refreshment
Materials included raffia, cord, yarns and basic equipment
Reserve your place now Bookings close Friday 8 March :


Working with nature's resources is so rewarding. Build your creative process with eco dye

When :Saturday 30 March 10 am to 3.00pm

Where: 10 Holland Street Wembley

• Explore the eco dye process
• Use an iron blanket
• Create a beautiful unique silk scarf
• Experiment with yarns and paper

Fee: $85 Includes Light Vegetarian Lunch
Materials supplied: pre-prepared bush dyes, scoured iron blankets, papers,
Eco materials, dye pots, steamer, microwave and other tools.

Additional silk and yarn available for sale

Places limited: Reserve your place now. Book by Friday 22 March



Wrapping Up in the Studio

2018 has been a very productive year.
We need to make way for another creative year in 2019
There are many lovely surpises on offer
And lots of works looking for a new home

We hope you can come along and enjoy the Wrap Up.
Saturday 15 & Sunday 16
10 am to 4.30
10 Holland Street
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They Always Bring You Home

My contribution to the Royal Show this year is showing until 29th September in the The Salon des Refusés, The Salon new to the Royal Show Art prize was introduced this year due to the unprecedented number of works entered in the inaugural Perth Royal Art Prize and to showcase more artists.
The Painting:
They Always Bring you Home. Oil on Canvas 60 x 122

This is a stand of wheatbelt timber, we now know is precious and important for sustaining water quality and habitat. For me stands of trees like these have been a safe haven and have always signalled homecoming.

They always bring you home Oil on canvas 60x122 cm ©Nada Murphy
They always bring you home Oil on canvas 60×122

Copyright Nada Murphy © 2018
Photogragh. Stephen Wood.


Creative people often work hard to make sure they have skills.  Perhaps skill in drawing , painting or making and of course creativity in its simplest form is bringing into existence something new. At the other end of the spectrum creativity brings with it novel exciting ideas that progress society as a whole.

Our first Bush Retreat BUILDING YOUR CREATIVE IDENTITY  would will explore and expand your creative potential and identity, join in creative challenges as well as investigate colour, line and sounds as ingredients in the mix in a relaxed peaceful setting.

When: 23 to 25 February 2018 Program runs from 1.00 pm Friday to 2 pm Sunday.

Where: Lagoon Drive Yallingup

Cost: Workshop fee $200 includes some materials  Accomodations & meals from $100 to $120 for weekend.

Register: Bush Retreats   studio@“  before February 16. Places are limited.



Application available at

Ever wondered where creativity comes from? Do you think some are blessed with “creative genius” and you missed out? Creativity is in all of us to find. Creativity can emerge when it is least expected. Each person’s capacity to engage in a creative process is always a joy. Building a creative identity is not only fun but also important for well being.

Nada will guide you through a fun relaxing weekend of exploring and expanding your creative self.

Join in the creative challenge, to investigate colour line and sound as some of the many ingredients of creativity.

Play with the eco dye process to establish your connection to the bush

Enjoy the company of others, yarn, share and relax

YALLINGUP 23 to 25 February


20 Day Studio Creative Challenge

The 20 Day Studio Creative Challenge caught the interest of many visitors to the studio. Each person has taken up the challenge, working with something different, drawing, writing, printing, clay, yarning and the fun of the dye pot. Some have gone away with a small treaure from our shop. Others have simply enjoyed the process.

The Challenge has been a huge amount of fun with painters, poets, musicians, glass artists, textile artists, knitters, spinners and printmakers all joining in.

See you next year at our CREATIVE BUSH  RETREATS  for some more hands on and making.

Coming up; BUILDING YOUR CREATIVE INDENTITY. Yallingup  Friday 23 – Sunday 25 Feb .

BOOK NOW as places are limited.


First Prize Open Section KIMBERLEY ART PRIZE 2017

Open to non- Kimberley residents!

Expanding my horizons. Very privileged to be awarded a first in the Open Section Kimberly Art Prize held in Derby this week. My Kimberley connections are enduring but as this Prize is so far from home this is only the second time I have entered. Quite took me by suprise. Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement, and lovely to hear from so many people.