Glass in Isolation – Glass Artists of Western Australia

Glass in Isolation - Glass Artists of Western Australia

LR_031_Nada Murphy Artwork 220203.jpg for GAWA

It is my pleasure to work with other Western Australian Glass Artists again.
Glass in isolation 

We come together again to show case our work reflecting on our interpretation of Glass in Isolation.

Mossenson Galleries 115 Hay Street Subiaco

10am -4 pm November  12 - 20

Definitely make a date. You will not be disappointed.

Isolation has become a common place in recent years as we have dealt with the pandemic so inevitably has impacted on the creative process of many.

Working with glass in this time I have continued to be challenge and rewarded both with its fragility and toughness. Perhaps these ingredients we are more familiar with than before. I am surprised looking back that there is a significant body of work that echoes our relationship with place and remoteness. I am looking forward to sharing these along with the range of work that another 25 artists will bring to this exhibition.

The work:

Pâte de verre vessel:

Echoes of the River, Riverbank.

Photographer: Rebecca Mansell


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