Echoes of the River – Mossenson Galleries

Looking out from the peak

16 March – 9 April

Mossenson Gallery

115 Hay Street Subiaco

The artist explores the source of our river at the place where it emerges from the ground to reveal its ancient origins and the intersect with indelible human imprint echoing across seasons and time.

The works reflect on our history with water and our river country, asking the viewer to consider how we are making our own history.

Is the river a vital resource which can keep us to account – a spiritual entity which carries ancient knowledge, or carry other meanings running through contemporary life?

Does not hold water -installed


I am so pleased announce the “ Does not hold water,” installation sits alongside “Carriers of Culture : exhibited in conjunction with IOTA21” at Mossenson’s Gallery in Subiaco until 4 October

The work, my largest at 3m x 6 m , comprises 6 eco dyed silk panels embroidered with a motif of the river. In conversation are a collection of coil baskets made from hand spun black fleece, silk and linens.

The installation : seeded by intrigue with natural dyes and hand made vessels

The work includes some traditional crafting tools and processes including eco dyes, embroidery, spinning with a small hand held spindle and recycled and found materials.

The dyes are made from bark and leaves of eucalyptus found in the country surrounding our river:

The six silk eco dyed embroidered panels reflects on the river across the seasons :
1 Eucalyptus rudis (flooded gum)
2 Wandoo wandoo (wandoo)
3 Eucalyptus loxaphelba (York gum)
4 Eucalpytus astringen (Brown mallet)
5 Corymbia calophylla (marri)
6 Corymbia calophylla (marri)

There is much to enjoy in the gallery at the moment
I would like to thank Dianne & Naomi Mossenson for their support.

Pause Button

I am pleased to be participating in this special exhibition at Old Auction House Kyneton

My work is : Rising Seas: Dragging Anchor.

December 3 2020 to January 4 2021 An exibition run by Art Aviso

Buttons were used as decorative ornaments long before they became synthetic everyday clothing fasteners, connecting one piece of material to another. Prior to the more common (usually) plastic buttons of today became the norm, buttons were crafted from sea shells, bone, ivory, wood, leather, porcelain or metal, they were hand made and could be covered in precious silks and linens or hiding a secret compartment for contraband. Buttons were hand-painted, enameled, stitched, crocheted, carved or cast.

Art Aviso Artists were supplied with a curated panel of 6  buttons, chosen for them by Art Aviso, which were to form the inspiration of a circular or spherical artwork.

The buttons were purely the inspiration for the colour, texture and shape of the artwork the subject matter was entirely up to the Artist.

Waiting for the Rain – March Exhibition

This collection of works connects us with the energy of seasonal change and the emotional layers that changes in the weather brings

Accent Fine Art Gallery

228 Cambridge Street Wembley

MARCH 2020

Gallery open 9- 5.00 Monday to Friday

Saturday 9- 2.30

Nada is guest resident artist and will be in the gallery every Wednesady afternoon form 3.00 pm & the evenings of Thursday 12th and Wednesday 18th.

Come in to view and enjoy.

This collection and a selection of other works availale for purchase.




November Studio News

November will be a busy starting this Friday

Darlington Open  November 1-3

Darlington Hall

Pine Terrance Darlington



Morning Light Oil on Canvas
Copyright Nada Murphy © 2019

NOW September 27 to 18 October

NOW this year’s Artsource group show of work by Western Australian Artist kicks off at 6.00 Pm Friday 27 Ocotober. OLD CUSTOMS HOUSE Phillimore St Freo
My contribution is Clear Blue,

Clear Blue 122x 60 cm Nada Murphy©
intended to lift the spirits and to keep us focused on clear blue waters. The work was inspired by my many visits to the Kimberely, although might remind you of all those times when you have visited the shoreline of our beautiful coast.
Come along and enjoy the show.
Continuing to 18 Ocotober
For more information:

Wadjemup Spirit Place Across the Water

Wadjemup Spirit Place Across the Water Nada Murphy ©

It is my pleasure to be invited
Joining with more than 100 Western Australian artists
be a part of this special exhibition celebrating Rottnest,
Raising funds for The Rottnest Foundation
To conserve the Island’s unique value

A great opportunity to have your own work
And a make a very special contribution

Photo :
Wadjemup Spirit Place Across the Water.
Artist Nada Murphy ©

Rottnest Foundation Art Exhibition
The Essence of Rottnest
Opening May 10
11-12 and 15-19 May
from 10am to 4pm
Holmes a Court Gallery
10 Douglas Street
West Perth

Environs Kimberley Auction 2018

This event has been a pleasure to be part of this past 6 years

Firstly as I am in very good company

And secondly it is always pleasing too when a work sells.

This puts something in the coffers for Environs Kimberley valuable work

This year my contribution was

Pandanas  Ink on Paper




Residency Wrap up & Exhibition.

5.30- 7.00 pm

29 June 2018

Beverley Station Arts

Vincent Street


I am half way through my third residency at Beverley Station Arts in this small Wheatbelt town just 150 km East of Perth.  My River Project dates from 2013 when I first visited here in late summer.

By the time I returned in 2016 I was able to walk in a dry river bed and at Yen Yenning lakes which also had very little water at the time.  Since then I have  read and researched, as well as visited many time to explore the idea of how the river changed across the seasons. I was particularly keen to learn more about the Noongar seasons and visited following this cycle.

I arrived with a lot of material to collate and wanted time to think through how my project ideas would ultimately be expressed. I already had a collection of more than 20 pieces to show, mostly paintings and a very substantial photographic record to organize.

My time so far has been divided between review & writing, the production of work and domestic tasks.  Walking and continuing to observe have also been essential task as this was mid winter and the river was in her winter phase.

There is a certain joy in hearing the river running and the smell of river water on the move and to see her fog bound some mornings.

It has also been a delight to yarn with folk. Over 5 years some great relationships have formed and I have enjoyed getting to know others.

The Residency will wrap up with a celebration of the work on Friday 29th June at 5.30- 7.00pm here at the Station.


Story in Art, Art in Story , Art Space Story : Kimberley Coast Glass

Kimberley Coast Series. 45 x 13 cm dish Kiln formed Slumped Glass ( green) © Nada Murphy

We are in for an exciting week ahead as we open in anticipation of the Shinju Artist Open House Trail.


You can find ARTSPACE ON HUNTER a new studio exhibition space in Broome

at the corner of Livingtone and Hunter Streets

Artist In Residence : Nada Murphy with Mick Porter Broome Photographer.

We look forward to sharing our work with you.

Open From Wednesday 16 May to Sunday 20 th May from 10 am to 4.00pm

or by appointment ( phone Nada on 0400031952)


Story In Art, Art in Story, Artspace Story

Kimberley Crossroads oil on canvas 44 x 44 cm© Nada Murphy
Kimberley Crossroads oil on canvas 44 x 44 cm© Nada Murphy

I am visiting Broome for a short residency and the partcipate in the Shinju Fringe Artist Open House Trail once again.  This year this event is run in conjunction with the Kimberley Arts Network 9×5 Auction.

I am in a new Artspace on Hunter Street, spacious and well lit with it own adjacent facilities.

As with all residencies there are multi layers.

Firstly I am collaborating with Broome Photography Mick Porter who has a passion for the peace of the bush and the Kimberley landscape. His story unfolds in his extraordinary photos of the bird lift.

My own Broome  and Kimberley story dates back to the 1980’s. Some early work is included as a result

We opened on on the 13 th of May with many yarns. Thank you to those who helped us celebrate the works on the wall.  Glass , Painting , Textiles and Photography.  It is a great mix

There are some new works for you to enjoy, also available in the on line shop

We are open Wednesday 16 May to Sunday 20 May from 10 am to 4 pm

You can find us at 29 Hunter Street , right next to Troppo Sound.

Special thanks to Mick Connolly for all your support.


Glass + Glass Artists of Western Australia

Zig Zag Gallery Kalamunda 5-22 August

UNDER STOREY Nada Murphy  Fused Glass Lamp

Beneath a canopy of leaves

Light filters through

For the seeds within


For that moment

To emerge

From rock and stone.

Reminders of the primordial time

When our land


From the campfires

Of the universe.

Metal & Timber: Bruce Denny

Photo: Steve Wood



First Prize Open Section KIMBERLEY ART PRIZE 2017

Open to non- Kimberley residents!

Expanding my horizons. Very privileged to be awarded a first in the Open Section Kimberly Art Prize held in Derby this week. My Kimberley connections are enduring but as this Prize is so far from home this is only the second time I have entered. Quite took me by suprise. Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement, and lovely to hear from so many people.