Does not hold water -installed


I am so pleased announce the “ Does not hold water,” installation sits alongside “Carriers of Culture : exhibited in conjunction with IOTA21” at Mossenson’s Gallery in Subiaco until 4 October

The work, my largest at 3m x 6 m , comprises 6 eco dyed silk panels embroidered with a motif of the river. In conversation are a collection of coil baskets made from hand spun black fleece, silk and linens.

The installation : seeded by intrigue with natural dyes and hand made vessels

The work includes some traditional crafting tools and processes including eco dyes, embroidery, spinning with a small hand held spindle and recycled and found materials.

The dyes are made from bark and leaves of eucalyptus found in the country surrounding our river:

The six silk eco dyed embroidered panels reflects on the river across the seasons :
1 Eucalyptus rudis (flooded gum)
2 Wandoo wandoo (wandoo)
3 Eucalyptus loxaphelba (York gum)
4 Eucalpytus astringen (Brown mallet)
5 Corymbia calophylla (marri)
6 Corymbia calophylla (marri)

There is much to enjoy in the gallery at the moment
I would like to thank Dianne & Naomi Mossenson for their support.

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