Residency Wrap up & Exhibition.

5.30- 7.00 pm

29 June 2018

Beverley Station Arts

Vincent Street


I am half way through my third residency at Beverley Station Arts in this small Wheatbelt town just 150 km East of Perth.  My River Project dates from 2013 when I first visited here in late summer.

By the time I returned in 2016 I was able to walk in a dry river bed and at Yen Yenning lakes which also had very little water at the time.  Since then I have  read and researched, as well as visited many time to explore the idea of how the river changed across the seasons. I was particularly keen to learn more about the Noongar seasons and visited following this cycle.

I arrived with a lot of material to collate and wanted time to think through how my project ideas would ultimately be expressed. I already had a collection of more than 20 pieces to show, mostly paintings and a very substantial photographic record to organize.

My time so far has been divided between review & writing, the production of work and domestic tasks.  Walking and continuing to observe have also been essential task as this was mid winter and the river was in her winter phase.

There is a certain joy in hearing the river running and the smell of river water on the move and to see her fog bound some mornings.

It has also been a delight to yarn with folk. Over 5 years some great relationships have formed and I have enjoyed getting to know others.

The Residency will wrap up with a celebration of the work on Friday 29th June at 5.30- 7.00pm here at the Station.


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